Drum Horses and Coloured Heavies


Cillbarra Arclid Bulabos

It all started with Pluto, my beloved Drum Horse who passed away far too soon. Since Pluto, I have been captivated by Drums. They’ll never let me go. I was privileged to see one of the most famous Drum Horses ever: Galway Warrior lives in the USA now, where he is renowned as a stallion.

These extraordinary horses are also known as Coloured Heavies, and that is the term I will use. Incidentally, it also forms the basis of my web address.

I spent many years looking for a suitable stallion to breed with some of my larger Gypsy mares. I finally found what I was looking for in England, where a dear friend – one of the most renowned Clydesdale and Shire Horse breeders – offered me the perfect Clyde youngster with an impressive Scottish pedigree: his sire is the famous Greendykes Footprint, a huge and very rare black stallion of over 18 hands.

Cillbarra Arclid Bulabos, translated from Irish, means: CLAP YOUR HANDS!! Up to now he has lived up to his name, and his foals are all top quality. One of his daughters has travelled to Canada, while another is in the USA.
Cillbarra Arclid Bulabos is also registered with the IPSA as a Coloured Horse. He has been covering selected Gypsy mares as well as our own Clyde and Shire mares, and some of his outstanding progeny can be seen on our website.

Many thanks to Sandra and Tony Bull for this special horse!

Drum Horses, Coloured Heavies and Gypsy Cobs are simply magical. I look forward to welcoming many happy visitors to our website, where they look at our horses, reflect a while, smile, wonder – and just enjoy the experience!