Cillbarra mares

Big Pie 
outstanding and very rare piebald mare in tall size. She is ridden and as sweet as can be.
Princess Valiant 
traditional to the last, now covered by Jazz for a super foal 2020; to follow...
Cillbarra Cuba 
Cillbarra Cuba has foaled the most smashing colt foal, see foals page...
Cillbarra Snowflake 
Snowflake has her 2019 baby... Cillbarra Whiter Shade of Pale, see foals page. Snowflake is a snow white maximum sabino Gypsy mare with a few red hairs and black spots on her body, sweetest nature and unbelievable feather and movements.
Cillbarra Blue Bells 
New pics of the blue hairy monster... Best travelers pedigree and joined our breeding program. PSSM1 negative; n/n Blue Bells foaled a smashing colt foal the 27th of April 2019, see foals page
Cillbarra Heidi 
Cillbarra Heidi, our strawberry roan Clyde expecting another smashing foal by The Wicker Man
Cillbarra Ailbe (born 2013) 
Cillbarra Ailbe was born 2013. Brand new pics of this outstanding mare by The Man. After her meet with The Wicker Man she was scanned positive, and her smashing filly foal was born (2018) See on youngsters page... top press: Ailbe is covered by Jazz for a super foal 2020