Cillbarra mares

Sandy Lady 
This blue blagdon mare in traditional size (ridden and driven) is some head turner... soon more pictures
the most traditional mare we came across for a good while... soon pics, not for sale
best traditional mare with colt foal Boris at foot - you canīt find better. Babuschka is not for sale
most traditional piebald mare, very best breeding quality and not for sale
this English bred filly is meant to stay. She foaled a massive colt foal by The Roan King, the 1st of June 2021
Cillbarra Blue Bells 
New pics of the blue hairy monster... Best travelers pedigree and joined our breeding program. PSSM1 negative Blue Bells foaled another smasher, Cillbarra Blue Star, the 2nd of May 2021. Foalīs Sire is The Roan King
Cillbarra Snowflake 
Snowflake is a snow white maximum sabino Gypsy mare with a few red hairs and black spots on her body, sweetest nature and unbelievable feather and movement
Cillbarra Cohiba, Baby Cuba 2017 
the 12th of June 2017 at 4.45 pm our dear mare Cillbarra Cuba gave birth to her smashing filly foal; it was a bit of a pull but all went well, Baby up and drinking after less than an hour. Latest news: Cohiba will stay here for good.
Smoke On The Water 2019 
this massive blue blagdon filly (will make 15,3h) is one to stay. Now scanned infoal for 2022
Cillbarra Heidi 
Cillbarra Heidi, our strawberry roan Clyde had another smashing foal (2 year old now), by The Wicker Man. She is covered for a future smasher in 2022 by Patīs Blagdon Horse and is scanned positive