Cillbarra foals

Golden Smiles 
this buckskin filly foal will grow up in Cillbarra Kindergarten, soon more news...
Silver Dreams 
Silver Dreams, silver dapple filly foal with all the points... soon more pictures..
Silver Wings 
Silver Wings is the prettiest little silver dapple filly foal I came across for a long time: her tiny little head speaks for herself... soon more pictures...
Cillbarra Goldvreneli 
Cillbarra Goldvreneli, by The Wicker Man and out of Cillbarra Heidi. She is not for sale
Cillbarra Blowin´ in the wind 
Bluebells foaled a big smasher by The Wicker Man; brand new pics!
Cillbarra Whiter Shade of Pale  
Cillbarra Whiter Shade of Pale was born the 13th of May at 5.30 in the morning. Lots of new pictures of this amazing filly foal...
Cillbarra Cuba´s Corazon 
born the 31st of May at 10 pm: massive colt foal... first pictures