For sale

this spotted yearling filly will grow and show...
Micky´s Delight 
as sweet as can be 4 year old gelding; he is one of the kind
Tigger is a sweet as can be driving filly; 3 years old and will make 145 cm when fully grown
new pictures under the gig, in pouring rain...
super sweet blue blagdon 1 1/2 year old gelding...
Silver Springs 
Silver Springs is a very tall coming 2 year old silver dapple filly. Very well educated and handled. New pictures!
Marshmallow (aka Flash) 
quality soon 2 year old colt with 2 partially blue eyes; es muddy as can be but soon better pictures. DNA test confirmed Flash to be a son of Jo Jo - smashing news! Pictures of his sire on request. New pictures...
blue eyed clyde type yearling colt.
Eden, 2018 
first pictures... the last picture shows his sire
Nirvana, 2018 
new pics...
Sable 2017 
cousin to Dun Roy and same quality, she will certainly make a perfect addition to our breeding program...
tiny sweet blue eyed 2018 colt foal - to follow...
sweet little blue eyed 2018 filly foal - brand new pics Minnie loosing the winter woollies...