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Sandman, as tall as sweet: This piebald gelding is a smasher. Ridden and driven. New pictures ridden - videos on request
Roany, super well handled 3 year old gelding in traditional size and special colour, now driven (videos on request)
Blue Boy the second 
soon news: gelding bombproof ridden and driven, 6 year old, 150 cm
Sandy Lady 
This blue blagdon mare in traditional size (ridden and driven) is some head turner... soon more pictures
coming 3 year old chestnut gelding 
soon lots of better pictures on the way and videos on request
superbe blue blagdon yearling filly; soon news...
Blue Blagdon Yearling Colt 
smashing yearling colt in blue blagdon
Taff, sweet 2 year old gelding; soon more pictures...
troy, sweet 2 year old gelding... soon more pictures
another black wonder: 2 year old gelding... news soon and pictures
massive piebald filly foal, born in September 2020
Silver nī Gold 2020 
typeful filly foal in silver dapple; soon more pictures...