For sale

Roany, super well handled 3 year old gelding in traditional size and special colour, will go for training soon and then ready for his new for ever home. Soon pictures...
tall blue blagdon 2 year old gelding on the cards... soon pictures
black gelding in future drum size; first pictures...
another black wonder: 2 year old gelding... news soon and pictures
Black Jack 
super 4 year old black gelding, soon news and pictures
massive piebald filly foal, born in September 2020
Cillbarra Rock My Heart 2020 
massive colt foal by Cillbarra Dun Roy. Yearling now
Cillbarra Glitter and Gold 2020 
Extraordinary filly foal by Cillbarra Dun Roy. News soon...
Cillbarra Melody 2020 
chunky filly foal with all the points. New pictures...
Silver nī Gold 2020 
typeful filly foal in silver dapple; soon more pictures...