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Zeb news, now after his first training steps...
Dolceluna 2016 
new pics of Dolce Luna, she is a smasher and will be very tall
tall sized filly foal with special markings, born in September 2016
sweet filly foal, born in September 2016
tall colt foal, born in September 2016
Billy Li 
Billy Li, a smashing blue roan 2 year old gelding in drum size and blue eyes arrived! Brand new pictures as a 2 year old, now 3 and soon for first training steps...
Zigan, called Ziggy 
this handsome pocket size gelding is ridden and driven. He measures just about 128 cm and would fit perfectly in a family with children.
Cillbarra Duch 
Duch is the wooly filly, see her pics on grass now in the summer field. She is in first training steps now...